Time to sharing some long layered hairstyles perfect for perfect summer

Time to sharing some long layered hairstyles perfect for perfect summer

People having long hairs have thousand of options of styling hair from simple styles to the most difficult styles. Experiments too can be done in long hairs, which is quite impossible with short hair.

Information on long layered hairstyles

Usually, we bring forward all the hairstyles for perfect summer no matter you are going to choose any one of them for your own wedding as we have perfect styles with us. In winters, you mostly end up doing pony tails or tie you hair up in puff to avoid dryness so use of different styles are done almost in summers when you wear different clothes, go for different functions, and sometimes wish to look different on your regular working days.

Let us start now with the useful and remarkable styles for your hair

Soft waves

Obviously, you will not like to wear something on you head that is too heavy so this one is the simple style for hot summers that gives you ravishing look by adding loose waves on the ends of your hair.

How to style?

  • For hair texturing, you need to get sea salt spray for getting sprits hair.
  • Air-drying of your hair is required for this long hair styling, so make sure you have plenty of time for washing and styling. However, if you are running of time you have an option of blow-drying but you do not get it as perfect as you get it with air-drying so choose to go for the style when you have plenty of time with you.
  • Next, you have to create side parts.
  • For the styling, you need a curler straighter or barreled curling iron and in the medium section of your hair curl larger section if you have thick long hair.
  • Pull the curls once you remove them from curl iron so that the curls get elongated.
  • After elongation of curls at the ends of the curls you can apply Argon oil, make sure you apply smaller amount of oil so it will not look as if you have dipped your hair in some solution.
  • At the end, you need a hair spray and apply light mist of spray and you will get perfect finish.

Product recommendation

Natural waves and texture of curls will come if you use Bumbles Surf spray.

Requirement of hair type and face shape

Luckily, this long layered haircut is suitable for all hair types and face shapes.

Volume goddess

For outing in evening, you can choose to go for this particular style. This is too another type of curls but suitable for hair having larger volume. You need all the above products for this particular hairstyle but only instead of iron roller, you need to have the plastic rollers rest the entire procedure will be same and do this style one day before you are going for any evening party.

Hair type and face shape

For long hair, having medium and thick hair volume can use this particular style and all shapes of faces are suitable for these long layered haircuts.

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