Long layered haircuts – for rocking and attractive tresses for entire season

Long layered haircuts – for rocking and attractive tresses for entire season

Research shows that with long hair, women think of going for different styles and this is because of the perfect length of their hair that can help a woman to get a complete package in the haircuts in long hair. The haircuts we are going to talk about for the long hairs are good for all the functions such as music festivals, outdoor weddings, simple picnics, and daily office styling too.

Easy and quick updos for long layered haircuts

We are sure that the easy updos we provide you will rock your style with different long tresses both thin and thick hair. If you are a beginner, styles you can start with at your house on your hair are low bun, ponytail, and braid. In case of braids, you can even choose to go for multiple braids by dividing your hair into sections and in long hair, creating section is quite easy.

Cinnamon curls

One of the mad men fever, you can add to your long hair with cinnamon curls with the help of bouffant and low swirled curls.

Steps in styling

  • Prepare hair by drying them wet with any good texturing spray.
  • Across the back of your head, you need to divide your hair horizontally.
  • Once you are successful in dividing the section, take a big pin and tuck down your one section so that it will not come in between your styling process.
  • All the hair has to be gathered in lower section of you had into a ponytail.
  • For proper loops, you need to split ponytail into sections and then the loops you create should be placed in the way you wish to place them with the help of pins. All this will be done in long hair and in the lower section.
  • Now when you are done with the lower part, you need to move to the upper section. At the backside, you have to comb the top section.
  • Deep side parting will look good so create one and then sweep your hair to the left side. The surface area should be smooth in the style. Loop the strands through the design once you are over with sweeping of your hair. Further, curl your hair at the ends and tuck them nicely with the help of pin.
  • Use light hold spray for hair to set the style perfectly on your hair.

Recommendation of fantastic product

One of the fantastic product available creating this style in long layered haircuts you can use Kevin Murphy Texture product that gives you perfect beehives and bouffant on your hair. Thick hair is the requirement for this particular styling and on most of the face types the cinnamon styles works and will be easy for you once you develop practice for making this hairstyle in long layered haircuts of many types but you should have thick hair for that to complete the style.

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