Before Nicki Gets Famous- Nicki Minaj Before Her Fame

Before Nicki Gets Famous- Nicki Minaj Before Her Fame

Nicki Minaj is just an ordinary girl who live the normal life before her fame and booming recognition. As one of the girls with a dream to own one of the pinky princess bedrooms, Nicki Minaj dreamed big of becoming a world star. As people have different characteristics and the traits, no one is perfect but people can be satisfied with themselves in every way. The concept of self-satisfaction may apply mostly to people working in common careers but for Nicki, surviving in the showbiz could never rely purely upon her determination nor the talents. As appearance and physical features are the first barrier to cross the line of trust and optimism when first meeting takes place, everyone tries their very best to look good. As one of the world’s famous stars, Nicki Minaj underwent numerous changes that bring about the Nicki she is today. Although physical changes are the main interests people have among other topics, she as well went through hard times and several obstacles in life before getting famous.

Nicki Minaj Before Becoming  Famous

Like any other girl, Nicki is also known as Onika Tanya Maraj, which is her birth name. Before she became a famous female rapper who is known for the juicy curves and voluptuous features, Nicki Minaj have faced numerous obstacles in life which made her marked her way through the bushes of thorns until today. Both mental and physical changes make up Nicki Minaj; similar to how the rule of survival applies to nature in Darwin’s theory, Nicki struggles to survive in the showbiz which impacted her life and thoughts, changing her ideas upon appearance and looks. As the media isn’t an easy place or a safe atmosphere to work in, celebrities have to portray the what is believed to be ‘right’ and ‘ideal’ through the use of talents and appearances.

Nicki then went for plastic surgery to make the changes in some parts she did not like. Her bum and breasts are the two main parts she did, matching the pictures and past photos neitizens found. Nicki Minaj before becoming famous had crooked teeth, smaller bum, and a little pair of breasts. To create a selling point, something that would completely be different from others, Nicki chose to over-exaggerate her bum and breasts which then earned the attention from the people. Although there are drastic, huge changes occurring from time to time , Nicki has made her own choice and continues to be herself until the very end.

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