Bad Plastic Surgery- The Hidden Danger of Cosmetology

Bad Plastic Surgery– The Hidden Danger of Cosmetology

As people never let go of beauty and the obsession upon cosmetology, plastic surgery has become a billionaire’s business, with rapid booms of up to more than Hilton’s earnings annually. The successful plastic surgical centers earn huge amounts of dollars and recognition with their professional crews and surgeons ready to give the patients their transformations and make-over. Along with the media influences and con-current trends, teenagers, both men and women, go for plastic surgery to have the fixes. However, as the cosmetic business grows and develops continuously, are there any mistakes or perhaps any bad surgeries they’ve seen in the past working experiences? Well, it is true that surgical centers are to be certified before the establishment and all the medical operations, but people know that there is no such thing as a 100% yes or a no. Mistakes can always happen when it comes to cosmetic plastic surgery. There are a plenty of the amazing ones with drastic unbelievable transformations, but there are as well the hidden bad plastic surgery marking the danger in plastic surgery and the patients.

The Dagger Strikes The Heart

It is painful to pay tons of dollars, endure the pain, and wait for weeks or months to see the results from the plastic surgery. ‘Perfection’ is always the word patients use to describe their desired appearance and the ideal features to own. Disregarding the successful cases to be seen advertised on the net, there are a plenty of bad plastic surgery before and after photos revealed, acting as a dagger which strikes the heart directly. Rather than having a part changed, reform, removed, or added to, worse and bad surgery results adds in more pain and scars to both the body and the heart. Since there is no such thing as a 100% guarantee when patients decide to go with the surgeries, acceptance is the only word to stay by the side.

Bad Plastic Surgery Digs Below The Surface

Not only do plastic surgeries actually transform, fix, or change a few parts of the body at its outer, dermal layers. As the cosmetic surgical process involves a ton of medical stitches and cuts with the knife, the mind and the mental abilities are enormously affected throughout the process. With body swelling, lack of sleep, fatigue, and pain patients will most likely experience great depression and stress. The chemical injections, implants, and other unknown substances into the body will probably give the best looks and changes in the outer layers but not the under-surfaced layers of the skin or the body. Chemical injections fitting for face lifts and anti-aging features not only results in faster dehydration of the face but as well results in the changes of the melanin and its efficiency in protection. Skin elasticity will also be affected by the chemical injections as the body is not ready for the unknown entrance. Implants with silicone or other materials should be tested safe for the body before used. Therefore, patients can never expect a perfect surgery from the surgeons as there are numerous factors affecting the results.

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