Bad Plastic Surgery: Beyond The Boundaries

Bad Plastic Surgery: Beyond The Boundaries

The world of masks is indeed a world full of plastic. Where vanity prevails, where visual and physical appearances go beyond the touch of the heart, people are turning into dolls controlled by the opposite master of truth. Dolls do nothing but dress up and put on make-up. As the world today pushes aside the importance of inner beauty, the heart, and the intelligent minds of the people, appearance and looks rose up to its first place on the chart. No longer it is any more important and essential to hide the faces behind the book shelf or run around in sluggy clothes to isolate oneself quietly into a corner; people are introduced to what is known as ‘plastic surgery’.

Plastic surgery is somewhat a process, a medical specialty that involves the correction and reformation of specific parts of the body. There are a wide variety of plastic surgeries aimed towards individuals with illness or diseases and on the other hand, people who crave for beauty. The well-known plastic surgery is always the cosmetic plastic surgery. Although not all types of surgeries are towards the appearance-wise side, the media and entertainment industry have been encouraging youths with the ideal beauty as seen in TV.

Are There Any Bad Effects?

Like flipping a coin for a good bet, nothing seems to be assured when it comes to medical specialties. Cosmetic plastic surgery is aimed towards individuals who are trying to achieve better appearances and looks for whatever reasons they have to gain more confidence. Although there are a plenty of famous surgeons out there doing the job, there are of course, two sides and a probability of 1/2 in having good or bad results. As the coin is being used as a comparison, it is a must to accept the fact that nothing will be guaranteed. Perfection is indeed what everyone needs, but be careful, the knives don’t work the same on every skin.

There are numerous spreads of news and revealed photos of celebrities who have had several cuts and sews from the plastic surgery. There are quite a large number of good plastic surgeries, but of course there is a bad plastic surgery as well. Not only do normal people experience the bad effects from bad plastic surgery, celebrities and Hollywood stars too, have remarkably bad plastic surgery done.

Celebrities Gone Mad

The fact that most celebrities never stop wanting more is the major problem that leads to more and more plastic surgery. When too much is done, the beauty goes too far beyond what it really should be. Hot celebrities like Paris Hilton should have been satisfied with herself and her looks all from the start. She had her nose done, had her breasts boomed, and so much more that changed her from an innocent, pure angel into a witch-like pinched nose Paris. There are several before and after photos of Hilton that gained the attention of the neitizens with drastic changes at the nasal and nose bridge. Similar to Nicki Minaj, people know that she would never be the queen of the hip hop industry without her juicy curves and extreme, crazy S-line. However, isn’t just too far beyond beauty? Neitizens also found her to be prettier before plastic surgery without the overwhelming boom bums and a pair of over-sized breasts.

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