Awful Plastic Surgery: Beauty Under The Knife

Awful Plastic Surgery: Beauty Under The Knife

Well, it isn’t awfully wrong to state how plastic surgery changes the lives of millions. To have or not to have plastic surgery depends greatly on personal preferences and the perspectives of people, affected by numerous environmental factors and media pressures. The society mainly focuses on the importance of social positioning, income, and appearance of individuals as interaction and communication can be simpler with the latter listed factors. It is true upon the statement that goes ‘do not judge a book by its cover’ but it never makes people satisfied with what they have or how they view one another. As appearance is the first door to the next station of interpretation and judgment, it is difficult and rare for people to only judge people by their characteristics and personalities in the first few meetings. Some believe that the facial features such as the eyes, the nose, and the lips can tell the personalities or traits of a person. Therefore, the appearance and look indeed plays an important role in interaction and the modern lifestyles today. As plastic surgery is being introduced into the community of beauty wannabes and insecure beings, it continues to receive high support, the love, and the encouragement known for the safe and speedy operation, a procedure which changes one’s life forever from a wrecked witch to a goddess. However, as people might already know, there are a plenty and tons of physical and mental effects that will affect individuals long-term.

Awful Plastic Surgery Cases

The main types of cosmetic plastic surgery includes: Liposuction, Rhinoplasty, Blepharoplasty, Face-lift, Forehead lift, and Abdominoplasty. There are a plenty of plastic surgery before and after images revealed throughout the online community, threatening the beauty-wannabes and the teens to be aware of the risky operation they are about to go through. However, as media pressures teens and adults to take on the best, perfect figures and looks, pain, endurance, patient, and money are traded for the sake of the plastic beauty under the knife. Since when did celebrities and Hollywood stars look so perfect? Well, not all celebrities own the attractive looks until the introduction of plastic surgery approaches with a presence of plastic surgery. People become addicted to the operations to get more and more parts reformed, changed, or enhanced for the beauty they think as being ‘ideal’ and ‘right’. However, disregarding the successful plastic surgery cases, there are more than thousands of awful plastic surgery victims which results in deeper depression, dissatisfaction, anger, mood swings, and undesired/unwanted physical changes.

Celebrity Samples

The world’s famous soccer player’s wife, Victoria Beckham, was spotted with hanging arms and excessive fat around the arm areas known to have been through arm and breasts lifts using chemical injections and silicone substances. Other celebrities like Nicki Minaj would also be added to the list with her extremely huge implanted breasts, her implanted enormous-big mama sized bum, and her diamond-shine whitening teeth. However, as the world’s famous female rapper, having the curves, the juicy breasts, and the sexy bum are the benefits of the path and the career Nicki is walking on.

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